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The deadline for the CUNY Graduate Center PhD program is February 1st. That’s four days before my birthday on the 5th.

This morning I was lying in bed thinking about many things. It started with my application, of course. It requires a writing sample, maximum 15 pages, so I was considering which of my many art history papers to use. I want to specialize in Byzantine art, but I’ve never actually wrote a paper on Byzantines! (Can you believe it?) However, I also have a fondness for Gothic Architecture as well, and I did write a paper on it. The paper was called “The Mess that is Chartres”, and was a study of how Chartres Cathedral in France is a hodgepodge of Gothic styles and time periods. The cool thing about this paper is that I found myself interpreting the architecture, like I would a novel for my English classes. It’s a paper I remember writing quite well for that vivid experience of scholarship I can still remember so clearly. And I have a terrible memory, so if I remember it, then it is pretty important.

My other option would be a paper I wrote on Mary Magdalene, my favorite bible character (though the Three Kings are a close second). But it focuses more on the Renaissance, so that might not work in my favor. It’s a good paper, but it is outside of where I want to concentrate…

Thinking of all these papers, it brought me back to my college years, to fond and sad memories of the past. Writing those papers, being in art history classes with an amazing group of people and the most awesome art history professor Wendy. Then my mind drifted to other things.

I remembered a time when I was carrying on a tryst with one of my friends (who I do not speak to anymore). It was terribly romantic at the time, and a lot of fun too. I do miss those days sometimes, because life seemed so much easier. I was terribly stressed and busy with school and all then, but I couldn’t recall that.

If all of this came from just THINKING about the papers, imagine what will happen when I actually am proofreading and editing!

Then there’s that pesky statement of purpose to rewrite as well….