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I don’t care if you get offended. This is my honest opinion.

My friend from the internet, Ocean, got a question on her tumblr asking her what she thought of trans issues and she gave an honest response. I won’t go into it, but several people were very offended and started berating her. I personally thought her viewpoint to be valid and she presented it in clam and organized manner. I don’t think she should be harassed for this. But I was inspired to share my own opinion of some things.

Basically, people have made radical assumptions about me based on “What I am” as it were. And maybe people don’t think of it as a problem because I’m “normal”, as they would see it. But it is a problem. Just because I’m in a “majority” as it may be perceived does not make me a lesser individual.

For one, I am not less ignorant or knowledgeable or less capable of deep though just because my parents are not divorced.

This is something I used to get a lot. People I knew would make comments directly or indirectly that I was somehow immature or unintelligent just because my parents are still married. I hardly find the marital status of your parents to be a factor in your mental capacity. No, I do not know what it is like to be torn between two parents. And I respect that it is a difficult thing to go through a divorce in a family. But you do not have some mystical knowledge bequeathed onto you just because your parents divorce. And if you feel that you do, then perhaps I have my own sort of wisdom given to me because my parents are married. Do my parents disagree on things? Of course. Are there things my Dad does that my Mom wishes he wouldn’t and vice-versa? Absolutely. But when I saw my parents dance at my cousin’s wedding recently, and when I go home and they are laughing together, I see a true and deep love that I aim to achieve some day with my own partner. Their marriage is a model for both my sister and myself to follow.

Two–I am not ignorant nor immature, nor do I hate anyone for their sexuality because I’m Catholic.

I do not believe everything the Catholic Church preaches. In fact, most of my beliefs line up more accurately with the Orthodox church and the Gnostics. I am an evolutionist. I believe in reincarnation. And as a good Jewish man, Jesus was probably married to someone at some point. I do not believe woman is subservient to man. And I certainly would never think that love is only allowed between man and woman. Love is love. It doesn’t matter who you love if you truly cherish that person. I have never defined anyone by their sexuality. That does not make you who you are.

I also believe that all religions are valid. Pagans, wiccans, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, and anyone in between has a valid belief system. I’m working for heaven/my next incarnation, and maybe you’re working towards Nirvana. In my mind, all our deities hang out upstairs, and they’re all cool with each other. Really, they don’t understand why we can’t all get along.

Don’t you dare ever tell me that I am stupid because I am religious. That’s not a valid argument. Do not harass me because I show my faith in a non-obtrusive way. Do not openly mock my religion in front of me without good reason. We can have an intellectual discussion on why we disagree and agree on our differences. I’m more than happy to listen to your viewpoint and learn. I’m very open and love to know about other opinions. But do not simply dismiss me because you think I’m dumb. I fully understand how corrupt my religion is. I get it. It drives me crazy too.

Three, I am trying my best to support my beliefs.

One time I said that we should focus on the gay marriage debate rather than the abortion debate, because it was more important to make sure our LGBT friends had equal rights, and it is a problem we can solve. I was instantly berated because the acronym is now LGBTQA. I’m trying to fight for YOUR side. I’m sorry that I’m straight and used the wrong acronym because I honestly didn’t know. I’m sorry that you missed the entire point of my comment. I’m sorry if people become offended that I was offended. I’m trying. I’m on your side.

Equal marriage rights should be for everyone. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state, and that means that there is no reason that the government should refuse anyone the right to marry. On the same token, it would also be wrong to force the churches to preform these marriages if it is really against their beliefs. And it’s sad that it is, it really is.

Don’t pat me on the head and go “oh, silly straight girl.” I’m trying my best. I’m open to be educated. Don’t yell your head off at me because I’ve used the wrong acronym. Please inform me if I am. That’s okay, really it is.

I’m sorry I’m of European descent and you find a fault with that.

I’m sorry I’m in the middle class and you have a problem with it.

I’m sorry I like men and like to wear skirts and you think that makes me dumb.

I’m sorry I have a strong faith that you think is ignorant.

But none of these things define any of us as people. Character defines who we are. How we treat others. How we listen. What we say. What we do. How we choose to use our lives. That makes us who we are. That’s what defines me. Not who I love, what God I pray to, that I own a car or have a traditional family. By all accounts, these things should make me some sort of middle lass bigot.

But as you can see, I am full of surprises.