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I got my first real job. I was hired on Friday after my interview.

I am very excited. I have been working in retail since graduating. Though I know most people are in the same position, I have also seen many friends get into their fields right away, so though I am happy for them, I was also a little discouraged. It was also quite a financial burden as well. However, now I will be making good pay and doing something very related to my field, and something that allows me to do many different things.

I am very happy. A lot of good things have been happening so far this year. I can only hope that this continues. I hope it means that I will also be accepted to my PhD program in New York. I’m lucky that the position I got is a freelance position in which I can stay for as long as I need to. So I’ll either be working there for the next 7 months until my lease on the apartment is done, or I will be working there for the next year and some. If I get into my PhD program, then I will only be there the 7 months and then move home. If I do not, then I will move from this apartment to another that is closer (right now, my commute is an hour) and stay at that job for as long as I am able.

But right now, I am not too worried. Whatever happens, it will be great. I am in a great state of peace I think. I feel accomplished. I feel very complete.