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Tomorrow is my official first day at my new job. I went for training on Thursday. I am joining the 9 to 5 world, the Monday through Friday crowd. It’s gonna be interesting, and I hope less stressful too.

I had my last day at Barnes and Nobler yesterday. It was actually a nice place to work, even on busy days. I”m glad I don’t have to work in retail anymore, but I will miss it.

Since I’m not going to have any week days off for the foreseeable future, I used Friday to go to my college and say goodbye to all my professors that I could find. It was a nice day, but still pretty sad. I was lucky to have the extra time I got, considering I graduated 8 months ago and most people don’t just move down the street after graduating.

Still, it’s never easy to say goodbye.

Wendy, my art history professor, gave me some books she had on Byzantines and icons. She’s like “here, let me find them” and I was like “oh please, no! You don’t have to!” I feel bad when people give me things sometimes. They are really cool and I’m so honored that she chose to give them to me. I hope I’ll see Wendy again someday.

Hopefully, I can see my professors again. I may joke around and say my college was not “real college” because it was so tiny. But I think it really was the best choice to make. I got to know so many professors beyond the classroom. For example, the head of the Honors department, Perry Hamalis. I never even had him for class, but he’s still always thrilled when I’m able to stop in to his office and always wants to know what I’m up to. I had a lot of freedom in school to do many different things. I got confused for a music major on more than one occasion! I also got to know our enigmatic college president. (I brag that I’m his favorite alum).

So here’s my next big step in life. We’ll see where it goes. Hopefully, it’ll get me to grad school.