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My sister once said “all your friends are freaks!”

Let me explain.

My sister and I are twelve years apart. When she got married in 2002, she was 26, and that was YOUNG. They were the first of their friends to get married. I kid you not.

Here I am today, at 23, and the vast majority of my friends are engaged or married. And several have children.

What the hell? I thought the age of marriage was going up in the country. Also, a lot of my engaged friends are YOUNGER than I.

Maybe it’s just the school I went to. It was a lot of people from small Midwest towns who carried their high school girlfriends and boyfriends with them into college. Many people found the love of their life in college.

I’ve never held down a relationship for a significant time. Only within the past year did I break my previous record of six months. And none of my relationships have been exactly normal or healthy. I would have thought by this time I’d at least would have gotten the hang of it. That I would’ve had at least one long term relationship by now. But that’s not the case.

Being surrounded by couples, married or not, it can get one down. I know I’m not supposed to let other people define my life or affect me, but when even the awful people you know in life (I’m talking some pretty AWFUL people) are getting what you can’t seem to get…it can be discouraging.

But I do try and enjoy being single, because I firmly believe this is the time of my life I’m supposed to be going out into the world, doing whatever I want, and have a good time. Getting married now only cuts that short! Sure, there are tons of things that two people can do together, but honestly, find me a man who wants to go to Azerbaijan. I dare you.

I have a lot I want to do. Move to New York. Learn paddleboarding. See an F1 race in person. Travel all over. Get a Master’s. Maybe convert to Orthodoxy! And of course, draw comics! And I want to do these things when I please in my own time.

In the past, I’ve told boyfriends ” I’m interested in doing this” and forever more they just pester me about it. “When are you doing this? Have you done this yet? Here’s a place/way you can do this.” It’s obnoxious. I’ll do it in my own way and time.

Also, no matter how cool a guy thinks it is that I draw comics, they don’t really think it is, because they never give me the time I need to draw, and they never show enough interest in it. They think that they think it’s cool at first, but then they’re like “I don’t care about that.”

All in all, I’m having a ton of fun. I am enjoying the single life, drifting where I please and not having to explain everything to someone. I have to remember that I’m only 23, and that I’m not supposed to be running into marriage like everyone else.

But everyone else keeps making me forget. (I’m talking to you, 19 year old engaged girl on Facebook. You know who you are….)