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Every time I leave this blog for a few month, I come back and have a few notifications that so and so liked this post or started following the blog. Why?! Why do you people like this?! This is an awful blog. My life is dull and boring! Go read my webcomic instead!Anywho, I kind of forgot about this place again. You know how it goes, life gets busy, there’s comics to made, whiskey to be drunk. Here’s a brief list of what I did over winter.

  1. Visited NJ for Christmas! It was a proper vacation, and I spent nearly a week there. Having PTO is a good thing
  2. I joined a curling club! Curling is pretty much one of the best sports ever. 90% of people are nice and want to help you learn. And there is drinking involved. It’s a vital part of the whole thing, to be honest.
  3. I’ve nearly lost my job TWICE! Through no fault of my own, mind you! The company has run out of money, so now we are never sure if we’re getting paid again. The higher ups remain super secretive about the whole thing.
  4. Vatican Assassins celebrated it’s 1st birthday and I turned 24!
  5. I joined a gym! After two months of working out, I had only succeeded in gaining a couple pounds. Now I don’t care what people say, that I was gaining muscle because I was doing weights. When one works out for two months and has nothing to show for it, it is a very irritating thing.
  6. So I did the slimfast diet last week to kickstart some weight loss! Now I am gradually adding back in real food! Everything in proper proportion!

But the biggest news is that, as a result of #3, I am officially moving back to New Jersey at the end of June! HUZZAH!

But to be honest, it’s pretty terrifying.

I’ve gotten used to things out here. I have a base, a group of friends, a bar. I know where things are and how to get places (generally). But I also HATE ILLINOIS WITH A GREAT INTENSITY. IT IS A HORRID STATE.

In all seriousness, I have been longing for the East Coast. I can’t see myself living in the Midwest all my life. I picture it, and it just seems wrong. It makes me unhappy to think of. I just know I don’t belong here. But with this move, I also know I’m giving up a lot of things. I’m giving up being down the street from my sister, and that’s the hardest part of all this, to be honest. For the first time in years, we have lived 15 minutes apart. That’s the closest since I was 6. It will really suck not being able to see her as much as I have these past few years.

But now is the time to try New York on, to try and make a happy Hoboken life. The company I’m at is failing and my lease is up. For the past two years, I said “I’m gonna move back” and then didn’t. I’ve been putting this off for too long.

I’m worried that I won’t ever have as many friends as I have now, that I’ll be lonely. Hopefully I can find a good curling club to help with that, and some of my High School friends will be around sometimes. But it’s still scary.

I’m also applying for grad school again! This time I’m looking at just a Masters. Maybe in that way I’ll have more luck. I’m not telling my parents yet cause I’m in no mood for “you need to do something that will get you a job.” So we’ll see how it goes this time. I’ve found a bunch of schools in the Northeast that look good. I’m also still applying for jobs.

I have a lot of ways this could go. It should be interesting. Hey, maybe I’ll even blog about it, give it an obscure song lyric for a title, and you will like it for some reason.