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I move to New Jersey in less than two weeks! I’m excited, but extremely nervous too. I’m going to be sad about leaving behind so many friends and family. But I have to try. And I think I’m ready. I’m ready to do something different.

In order to get myself more excited about it, I decided to look at grad school programs and make a shortlist of schools to apply to.

Right now, I’m pretty much looking at cheaper public schools for an MA in Art History. My fabulous list of schools so far is:

  • CUNY Brooklynn
  • CUNY Hunter
  • SUNY Binghamton University

These are the schools that seem to have what I’m looking for, sound appealing, and most importantly, can afford! And they all offer assistantships. No more loans for me if I can help it.I figure applying can’t hurt. Maybe I won’t get in anywhere: no big deal then. And if I get in somewhere, I’ll try and haggle with them to make it affordable.

Though Binghamton is looking attractive: a nice suburban area in upstate New York…even looks like they have a decent river for some paddelboarding adventure! Sounds like my kind of place.