About The Blog


My fun side. I’m weird, crazy, easy going, always up for something. I like to drink. I swear at the art (aka “That’s bitchin”). Actually, I say bitchin a lot. I write lots of awesome stories. I laugh easily. I’m a huge Ferrari fan (Sempre Ferrari!) and I can talk about F1 for hours if you let me. You wouldn’t think of me as an academic but…


My scholarly side. I’m always thinking all the time. I read a lot. I like to learn everything. My main things I like to read about are Islam, pre WWI Princesses (particularly Elisabeth Hapsburg), Eastern Orthodoxy, and Rennisance engineering. I love analyzing texts or pictures. Art history is the coolest thing ever, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Oh, and I’m the most freethinking Catholic ever (God made Dinosaurs).


Tifosi Dreams of Byzantium

It’s my story. My way through life as a post grad, through finding a job and hopefully going to grad school. Someday, I’ll even own a Ferrari. I dream of the academic’s life. I’m the tifosi that dreams of Byzantium.


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