I Made the Bus in Seconds Flat


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I did finally get all my application materials in last night. The Deadline was today. It was so nerve-wracking!

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And I Take the First Step of a Million More


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Tomorrow is my official first day at my new job. I went for training on Thursday. I am joining the 9 to 5 world, the Monday through Friday crowd. It’s gonna be interesting, and I hope less stressful too. Continue reading

And Dear God, I Found Out What’s Wrong and it’s Not You Or I


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I don’t care if you get offended. This is my honest opinion.

My friend from the internet, Ocean, got a question on her tumblr asking her what she thought of trans issues and she gave an honest response. I won’t go into it, but several people were very offended and started berating her. I personally thought her viewpoint to be valid and she presented it in clam and organized manner. I don’t think she should be harassed for this. But I was inspired to share my own opinion of some things.

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It’s Easy When You Stand in Line



So now that it’s 2012, I find myself in a precarious position. All of the comforts of the past few months have suddenly left me. I don’t think this is particularly a bad thing. Maybe being forced out of my comfort zone will force me to take chances, and do more of what I want to do in life.

I decided I want to move to New York this year. It’s not to difficult, because I’m actually from NJ. I live in the horrid, God-forsaken land known as Illinois at the moment though. My apartment lease is up in July, so I can’t really move until then. I think I will miss this place. It’s a nice first apartment. But I’ve learned that my heart belongs back east. I’m an East Coast girl.

I’m applying to two grad schools this year–CUNY and CUNY Brooklyn. I really don’t care what my parents say–I’m going to get a Ph.D in Art History and be a Professor. I think that is what I am meant to do.

Since leaving school, my life has felt pretty empty and meaningless. I’m a scholar at heart. A scholar who loves the East Coast.

And We’ve Got a First Post

Hello all.

It took me awhile to think about what I wanted to write about for my first post. Is an introduction necessary? Or should I just launch in to something? It’s hard to know. I’m not good at first posts. So this morning, I will talk about tea.

I drink a copious amount of tea. At least two or three cups a day. I go back and forth between preferring green or black tea, and I also like chamomile. It’s not really to keep me awake (it doesn’t work), but more so to keep me warm. I get dreadfully cold naturally, and as the summer has finally given up the fight and autumn looms ever closer to becoming winter, I find that it is harder and harder to stay warm. Which is where tea comes in.

I’ve also developed a fondness for unsweetened ice tea with lemon. Whenever I got to a fast food place or a chain eatery, that’s generally my choice of drink (unless I’m drinking alcohol, which is another story all together). It’s just such a crisp and refreshing drink. Something with flavor but without carbonation or too many other bad things. And drinking too much soda makes me sick.

I also used to have a great penchant for Arizona diet green tea. I would drink it by the gallon when I was younger in college. Freshman year, you wouldn’t see me without my gallon jug of green tea next to my desk.  I don’t drink it as much now as I used to, but I do still enjoy it. And always diet, never the regular because it was too sweet and heavy. The diet was a nice, light drink.

Some people have their coffees with multi-syllable foreign names, but I’ll take a nice cup of tea any day.